overcoming resistance

November 9, 2017

33 One-Minute Money Lessons It Took Me A Lifetime To Learn

Get a password manager. Just f#cking do it. You’ll sleep better when your shit is secure. Find a really good accountant. Don’t just go with H&R […]
February 3, 2016

Overcoming Resistance, or, The Emotional Agony of Growing A Business

It’s 11:15am on a Wednesday. I’m at my keyboard in the throes of creative paralysis, running through the usual list of “shoulds”. I should be chasing down leads. That big rebuild that contacted me last week. I should write him something classy yet outrageously clever. I should be writing blog posts. Really juicy ones that give away all my secrets. “The 1-second hack that makes your web copy instantly more relatable.” Or something.