Let’s talk about how to do profitable email marketing…

…while using consent-based strategies and having a ridiculously good time.

Tarzan is an amazing teacher if you want to write business copy (especially email) that supports your business without being spammy or manipulative. Her stuff is always excellent and always ethical. Highly recommended!

Sonia Simone, cofounder of Copyblogger

I’m here to help business owners (of all genders!) build profitable businesses

It’s my job to help copywriters, service providers, digital course creators and personal brands to…

establish a real connection with the current and future customers on your email list

drive profits in your business without using coercive sales strategies

pay yourself a proper bi-weekly salary 

write segmented email campaigns that your subscribers genuinely love to read

have enough job satisfaction that you’re not lusting after that 7-figure payday that’s supposed to make the hustle worthwhile

create a living legacy of beautiful writing

With email marketing, you can build an online business that is supportive and secure, allowing you to do work that you can be proud of. 

Zero coercive sales strategies required.


"I love Tarzan's teaching style and it's all so well organized and plug and play that my life was made easier. I've seen a massive increase in open rates, click through rates and overall engagement with my emails- all of which support my business through conversions- but most importantly, through the impact that my emails are making for parents! Highly recommend EMAIL STARS!”  

Rosalia Rivera, Consent Parenting

Here’s what Tarzan Kay Global is all about:

I TEACH ONLINE BUSINESS OWNERS, PERSONAL BRAND AND COPYWRITERS how to write story-driven emails that generate consistent profit without resorting to coercive tactics. 

I DO THIS THROUGH GROUP PROGRAMS, DIY COURSES AND 1:1 SUPPORT designed to help businesses make informed choices about persuasion, build consent into every promotion, and write profitable emails that subscribers genuinely enjoy reading. 

THE CHANGE I WANT TO MAKE is for the inbox to become a safer, more inclusive and pleasurable place for both marketers and subscribers.

I KNOW MY WORK IS DONE when customers email me saying, “Email is now one of the best parts of my job! My subscribers say my emails are their favorite thing in their inbox!”

This is what my values look like in practice

Consent is a non-negotiable

Subscribers get the option to choose which emails they get, how they consume those emails, and how often.

Subscribers can turn off promo emails at any time—all sales emails include clear and direct ways to do this

Just because you purchase a product or download a freebie doesn’t mean you get automatically added to my email list—you always get the choice

My emails use very clear language and practice transparency 

I don’t participate in summits or bundles, nor do I encourage my subscribers to join an email list where their consent and critical thinking ability will not be prioritized

All promotions are designed to encourage critical thinking

Layering on too much persuasion - urgency/scarcity, consistency, reciprocity, authority, liking, social proof - shuts down customers ability to think critically, so I use these tools responsibly.

For time bound promotions (ex. a 6-day open cart time) I let subscribers know what’s coming, when, and what it will cost, so they have time to consider their purchase

Persuasion tactics are reduced for higher priced offers, allowing a longer decision-making window

Countdown timers or fast-action bonuses are reserved for low-cost products

Digital offers are backed by a refund policy that does not require homework submission or “proving you tried”—a patriarchal practice that infantalizes customers

See how this works by joining my email list →

See how you can use the tools of persuasion responsibly →

Great emails prioritize accessibility and inclusion

Emails should be accessible across all platforms and devices, and share ideas and content that go beyond the identity and experiences of the writer alone. 

All weekly emails also have an audio version, Tarzan Reads Her Emails

I use simple formatting and add alt text to any images or GIFs

I don’t markup payment plans, which tend to penalize marginalized groups who need them the most 

I prioritize learning from people who are different from me, including race, gender, sexuality, religion, body size, age and ability

Words have the power to create the world we live in

The choices we make around language and grammar are both political and powerful, and therefore should be an open and evolving conversation.

When editing student’s writing I don’t use prescriptive grammar, and encourage language and grammar choices that align with their business’ values

I encourage students to use non-standard dialects and write the way words actually roll off their tongues (Queen’s English be damned!)

My programs are open to all genders so I choose gender-inclusive language and avoid phrases that suggest a gender binary (ex. “ladies and gentlemen,” “he or she,” or “both genders”)

I make intentional language choices after listening to people whose identities are different from mine, and respect how different groups want to be identified, especially marginalized groups

I’m Tarzan Kay, writer of really great emails. 

Obsessed with: canoe-camping, afrobeats, teak furniture. I love money but I love my customers more, so using consent-based marketing strategies is priority. I live in Ontario, Canada and my pronouns are she/they.


Here’s what building an online business looked like for me


Started my business as a copywriter

and began sending biweekly emails to my email list of 37 subscribers


Won an internet-famous client

which got people thinking of me as a “celebrity copywriter”


Hosted a live event and got called in by one of our attendees

A Brown Muslim woman bravely educated me on unconscious bias for the first time—this led me to completely reexamine online business, who it really works for, and what needs to change (read more here)


Launched Email Stars for the first time

and welcomed my first 12 students


Created and launched Copy Caboose

a copywriting program for businesses that want to write persuasive copy without using coercion


Got divorced

and had to figure out how to run a business, be a single parent and pay for double everything (that was really hard!)


Scaled back my business

so that I could better care for myself, my two little boys, and have time left over for sprint canoe and aerial silks


I’m now training primarily through small-group programs

that include lots of personal attention and support

Start writing consent-based copy and prioritize people over profit 


You can make money without being a greasy promise-pusher, slapping "70% OFF FOR ONE DAY ONLY!" all over your website, or putting giant red countdown timers in every email. Here's how. 

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