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September 29, 2023

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a picture I really want you to see

Hey boo. 

Rounding the corner on the enrollment deadline for Email Stars (5pm ET) and I’m wracking my brain to think of any excuse to show you my muscles. 

How about I just show you and we’ll work backwards from there?

To fully appreciate this, you’ve gotta know that I am your classic “always picked last in gym class” kid who did zero sports before getting divorced. 

When I started doing Sprint Canoe, I sucked so bad. 

I still suck pretty bad, tbh. But yesterday at practice I trained for a FULL 45 MINUTES and only fell out of my canoe once—a huge freakin’ deal. 

The whole South Niagara Canoe Club has been rallying behind me. They’ve watched me for two summers now, falling out so often that I've done significantly more swimming than paddling. Seeing me paddle a full 2km without falling out was a win for the whole team. 

As I paddled past the Dragon Boat team someone yelled out, “We’re all rooting for you, Tarzan!” 

I fell out of my boat almost immediately, and it was hard to swim because I felt so much like crying. To be supported at something that brings me so much joy. To have cheerleaders on those cold, windy days when it feels like I’ll NEVER be able to do it. To be witnessed as I birth this new Tarzan to the world. 

I can’t do all of that for you in Email Stars. We have just six weeks together, after all. But I can say that what I LOVE about this new iteration of the program is the intimacy of the group and my relationships with the people who join. 

Building a business is hard. Many of the best and most important lessons are only learned through failure. Falling out of the boat, again and again, and showing up to keep working at it on those days when you feel like you’re never gonna get it. 

I can’t paddle your boat for you, but I can show you the strokes.

I can drive the coach’s boat 10 meters behind you so someone’s there to say “I see how hard you’re working” or “Don’t quit, you’re almost there.”

I know a lot about online business, and I know even more about powerful writing. It’s in my veins because writing is what I love. 

Now isn’t the easiest time to be in online business but I believe that we’re headed somewhere better. No one knows where that place is yet, but one really obvious market shift is that customers expect more from the courses and programs they join. 

>> They expect to be supported. 

>> They expect their teachers to actually show up, learn their name and what’s important to them, and take their share of responsibility for student outcomes. 

I can offer that.

Ultimately only you can paddle the boat, but with someone to support you who's been where you are now, you’ve got a heckuva lot better chance that your head will be well above water 2km downriver. 

And now I think my canoe metaphors have reached capacity, so allow me to invite you to Email Stars one last time. 

Here’s the enrollment link —> 

Thanks for being here,


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