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April 18, 2023

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why we’re going back to ConvertKit

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This email contains affiliate links. 

I’m hesitant to tell you this, having just gone through a divorce, but I am in another failing relationship. 

Tarzan holds her hand to her face and purses her lips as though she is about to admit something terrible

It’s a bit embarrassing, really. But enough is enough.

We are breaking up with Active Campaign, and moving back to ConvertKit


Thanks for taking that load off my shoulders. I feel better already. 

I will not burden you with tales of why we are mad at Active Campaign (in case you’re boyfriends with AC), but I will tell HOW EXCITED I AM TO GO BACK TO CONVERTKIT!

I spoke at their annual event back in 2019 and their CEO Nathan Barry left such an impression on me I’m still talking about him all these years later! His emails are some of the few I read. 

I love what they’re doing as a company and I’m excited to explore some of their new features. The “tip jar” is getting set up toute de suite! 

And because we’re on the highest package we get a free SparkLoop account—hit reply if you think you’d be a good match to be an email subscriber referral partner.

Saving THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR is also exciting!

TBH, this wasn’t supposed to come off like a sales email but it happens to be spilling out of my fingers that way, and I’ve decided to let it.

Switching is a huge PITA, but because we have more than 5K subscribers, ConvertKit is doing it for us. It’s also free for less than 300 subscribers.

Even after leaving for another tool, I never stopped recommending ConvertKit to my Email Stars students because it’s super user-friendly, and built specifically with businesses like mine in mind. 

But in case you’re thinking of switching, a few questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Is it necessary? If what you’re using is working, it’s very possible this is just a big distraction (in which case, ignore me and all my exclamation marks!)
  1. What features do you really need, and which are just shiny objects? We only switched to Active Campaign once we had a long list of things we wanted to do that ConvertKit couldn’t (at the time). Again, if it ain’t broke…
  1. What’s the support like? Support varies WILDLY between tools. Some of it totally sucks (not naming any names ) while others go above and beyond to make sure users are getting the software to do what they need it to. 

It’s not a decision to take lightly. 

That said, when Sandra proposed moving back to ConvertKit I was like, “Hell yes and can we have that done yesterday, please?!”

Our migration won’t be complete for a couple more weeks, but I’m giving you a heads up now in case you suddenly stop hearing from me. 


Unfortunately you don’t get to take your sender reputation with you when you change providers, so you might have to retrain your inbox so it knows we like each other. 

…which could be pulling me out of *gasp* the spam folder.

But that’s still a ways away. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this unexpected plug for ConvertKit that they did not ask me to write although they will pay me commission if you follow this link and sign up


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