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November 9, 2023

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new take on high-ticket coaching


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I’m between events rn so this’ll be a quick one. 

I’m so glad I flew to Hartford to Trudi Lebron’s Coaches Forum. I’ve spent most of my career hanging around coaches who seem to know (and care) more about business & marketing than they do about coaching. 

Once upon a time that was me too, for the record.

This event was the opposite.

In a breakout session the woman sitting next to me told me about this person she knew who has “a really cool spreadsheet where you can input all of your expenses and how much money you’re making.”

The snooty, superior part of me was like, “Um…you mean a P&L?”

But then my next thought was, “Okay, this is different. These people are prioritizing coaching skills, and that’s not something I’ve seen much before.” 

Meeting coaches who deeply care about coaching shouldn’t have been surprising or novel, but it was. One thing Trudi said that stuck with me was “high-ticket coaching programs put pressure on new coaches to charge high-ticket.” 

I’ve experienced that myself. In my earliest years in business the main way I was taught to signal my professionalism and value was with my fees. I had no frame of reference for why everything in my industry cost so much, other than expensive = probably better?  

Everyone around me seemed to be going high-ticket and I had no frame of reference for why things cost so much. 

For years I worked under a business coach who encouraged me to “own my value”, but I didn’t know what that meant other than to continuously raise my prices, regardless of whether or not those offers were a match for the businesses I was working with. 

It was years before I started thinking deeply about delivery, and I had to back off all the affiliate marketing I was doing in order to make space for that. 

That’s something I’m chewing on. It’s helping me understand why the whole high-ticket coaching scene irks me so much. 

Another cool thing…

Trudi had her company’s Anti-Cult / Anti-Control Policy on a huge easel standing right at the entrance, and we talked about it as a group. 

This is such an important issue in the coaching industry, I cried with relief looking at it. It included statements like, “You are worthy and capable of accomplishing your goals with or without this community.”

OBVIOUSLY, amiright?! But not typically how people feel after attending a webinar, many of which are crafted to make you feel the exact opposite. 

Those are just two cool takeaways. (So much for making this a “quick one.” ‍♀️)

I’m actually just here to give you a quick update on what’s coming this month. 

>> Copy Caboose is going on sale for $300 (it’s normally $500). It’s the future of copywriting for online businesses, IMO—a program that shows you how to write persuasive-but-not-coercive sales copy, and is especially geared to more beginner business owners who are writing their own copy, and still figuring out their messaging. If you’re looking to learn “green flags in sales copy” this is it. 

>> I’m opening my secret membership for a couple of weeks, but only to Email Stars alumni this time. It’s perfect for people who want direct feedback on their emails, line-by-line editing suggestions, and short biweekly calls to talk about business (the topics change week to week). 

As usual, you’ll be able to turn off any promos you don’t want. Look for a link at the top of every email! 

You can revoke consent at any time. 

Till Tuesday then



I participated in something fun called The Anti-Hustle Holiday Series. It’s kind of like a summit, but instead of tips and tricks, you’re getting to connect with these entrepreneurs in a new way.

It’s quick 10ish minute episodes about their favorite holiday traditions, from…





even pet-peeves!

It’s a lot of fun, and Deanna is a smart marketer-to-watch. Her emails have Tarzan-vibes, if I dare say so. Disruptive, funny and real.

You can grab a free ticket or upgrade for $9 to raise money for the Queen of Christmas, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

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