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July 14, 2023

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Google docs bag o’ tricks

It feels like all of my business friends are taking the summer off and I am the only ding-dong left sweating away at a desk wishing I’d planned a little better. 

To all the relentless overachievers like me who still have to work, here are  two cool tricks I recently discovered I could do with my Google Docs that have dramatically improved my work experience. (For serious! I use GDocs more than any other software.)

Typing shift+colon to pull up the emoji menu. 

I used to use control+command+space to pull up the emoji keyboard in a new window, which is a clunky process. (I actually had to Google how to do it the old way because my fingers already forgot!)

Try it now and see how you go!

Using “starred” as my Google Drive home screen.

Chrome opens at login on my Mac, with the Google Drive starred folder pinned as the first tab. Any docs I’m working in, or folders I’m referencing daily are starred—like promo emails I’m writing, or my newsletter doc for the month.

Here’s what that looks like

Here’s how to do it:

  • Navigate to this link
  • Right click the tab and select “pin” 
  • Hit the star next to the title of any document or folder, or right click and select “add to starred”


Now you have a leg up on all those vacation-taking losers who are dipping their toes in someone’s pool right now, waiting for it to be noon so they can whip up a cocktail.    

We sure showed them!

Hit “reply” and tell me your favorite Google Doc shortcuts.

Till next week,

A very sweaty Tarzan 

(who is inexplicably wearing a sweater )

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