May 9, 2017

How Overspending Nearly Crushed My Business

This is for the online-course-addicts out there. The entrepreneurial shopaholics. You know who you are. I see you buying the courses. I see you doing the […]
February 9, 2017

Marie Forleo B-School Review: Is It Really Worth It?

A year ago, I was sitting at my computer googling phrases like “Is B-School a scam?” and “Alternatives to B-School.” I knew I wanted to take the course. I knew in the depths of my soul that I was supposed to do B-School. But even so…
January 31, 2017
Tarzan Kay Copywriting | Consultations

How to offer “free consultations” without devaluing your time

About 6 months after taking my business full-time, I came down with a major case of “free consultation fatigue.” I’d been writing a LOT of home […]
January 17, 2017

What I Spent On Online Courses Last Year—and Which Made The Biggest Impact

The deeper I get into the world of online business, the more I see how much we entrepreneurs must tread carefully around what we buy, how […]
October 4, 2016
Gary Vee | Gary Vaynerchuk | Tarzan Kay

Notes from the 2016 Archangel Summit

Me at Archangel Summit last week: “Is this an awesome day or what?” I say to the ladies at coat check, the custodians of my suitcase […]
September 6, 2016

10 Slides That Sum Up The Future of Content Marketing Perfectly—From #UFX2016

If you’re familiar with the 100th monkey theory, then you’ve probably also noticed that a lot of thought leaders seem to think up the same brilliant idea […]