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Ry Schwartz

Copywriter to Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Josh Shipp, Dan Martell and more...

Tarzan is pretty much the best copywriter I know (I'd trust her to script the copy for my marriage proposal).

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What clients are saying

    copywriter testimonial tarzan kaytarzan kay copywriter
  • "Since working with Tarzan on my copy, my website consistently wins me new clients and my coaching practice is thriving. My schedule is now booked solid!"

    Kathleen Milligan
    Family Life Coach
  • She quickly understood my business, and how to take it to the next level. She looked at my offerings with a fresh eye and was able to update them with a simple plugin. Tarzan was able to communicate a compelling message for me with copy thoughtfully written, but as a real live human being speaks. She is reliable, creative and resourceful. It’s such a pleasure to work with someone so excited to learn.
    Elly Jenkyns
    Naturopathic Doctor
  • Tarzan is an exceptional writer with a gift that draws the reader in immediately. Her articles were exactly what we were looking for with almost no editing needed. She [...] has become important to our editorial team here at our magazine. She is skilled, professional and best of all...funny.
    Julie Lepp
    Director of Marketing, White Oaks Resort
  • My experience with Tarzan has been uniformly positive. Her link-building campaign sent a ton of traffic to our website, gaining those all-important backlinks we need to keep our business growing.
    Mike Larson
    CEO & Founder, Inside Trak
  • [Tarzan] has written compelling, well-researched articles for Business Review Australia and has provided our site with an authoritative voice on a variety of subjects. Her flawless copy makes my life that much easier.
    Allie Schratz
    Former Editor, Business Review Australia
  • Tarzan is our go-to copywriter for marketing content. She has a knack for turning dry background information into clever copy that speaks to its audience in a creative and concise manner.
    Luke Faccini
    CEO, ThinkSocial
  • When I overhauled my site Tarzan helped me refine my message and choose the right language to connect with my ideal client.
    Wilma Slenders
    Founder, Transcend Management
  • Tarzan is pretty much the best copywriter I know (I'd trust her to script the copy for my marriage proposal).

    Ry Schwartz
    Copywriter to Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Josh Shipp, Dan Martell and more...
  • " I can't! I just can't believe how amazing you are! I literally had goosebumps non-stop while reading my new copy. Everything is so damn good, that edits are pretty much impossible for me, and that is a good problem to have.
    You see, now though, I want to tell you so many more stories about me! lol Just so that you can make them sounds THIS exciting interesting! Holy moly! I am so impressed right now!"
    Evelina Hovich
    Holistic Nutritionist


The latest on the blog.

February 9, 2017

Marie Forleo B-School Review: Is It Really Worth It?

A year ago, I was sitting at my computer googling phrases like “Is B-School a scam?” and “Alternatives to B-School.” I knew I wanted to take the course. I knew in the depths of my soul that I was supposed to do B-School. But even so…
January 31, 2017
Tarzan Kay Copywriting | Consultations

How to offer “free consultations” without devaluing your time

About 6 months after taking my business full-time, I came down with a major case of “free consultation fatigue.” I’d been writing a LOT of home […]
January 17, 2017

What I Spent On Online Courses Last Year—and Which Made The Biggest Impact

The deeper I get into the world of online business, the more I see how much we entrepreneurs must tread carefully around what we buy, how […]
December 13, 2016

29 of the best things I did this year—plus 3 missteps

Rented a proper office. No more mid-day naps, reruns of Friends or trips to the refrigerator. Now I throw down my yoga mat, have a stretch and just soldier on. Showed up every day. Monday to Friday. 9 to 5. ‘Nuff said. Dropped $3k on B-School. Made my investment back within the month, but that’s just the start. Also 10x-ed my confidence, built a website that’s way better (and way more SPECIFIC) than my old one, and made friends for l-i-f-e.

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