Got a massive email list? Me neither. You can still have

I made over a million with my “small list” – and you can too! 

Got a massive email list? Me neither. You can still have

I've made over a million with my “small list” – and you can too! 

“I absolutely love Tarzan’s emails. She nails it! I always know she will deliver (often beyond my expectations!) That level of service is rare!”

– Amy Porterfield

“Tarzan, just write the emails for me!”

Done! Enter your email to get 10 totally-swipeable promo email scripts that make me money while I'm sleeping.

What if I told you to add 35 emails to your promotion?

Would you die a little inside? Ugly cry? Tell me to burn in email marketer hell?

Save your tears. I promise you won’t be crying when Stripe is pinging your phone repeatedly. Sale! Sale! Sale! (Except maybe tears of happiness.)

I can help you build out a stack of emails more riveting than The Hunger Games trilogy — binge-readable messages that reel in your subscribers and make them feel like, “Dayum, she totally gets me!

Oh wait, did you think people hated email? Nuh-uh. One of my subscribers once told me “I SAVE your emails to read as a TREAT.” (<– she is now my favorite person of all time).

That’s the kind of thing your subscribers will soon be saying about you, right before they hand over their credit cards.

“Tarzan isn't only just great, she’s on another level completely.

The emails she wrote are responsible for turning over more than $314,825 from a $49 product, in less than 4 months.

 She doesn't only bring the ideas in your head to life, she turns them into cold hard cash for your business.”

-Kim Constable, The Sculpted Vegan

So much more than emails! Tarzan is an incredible mentor who will support you to see who you really are, guide you to grow in big ways, and shift your mindset around success.

– Celsea Jenkins

Here’s how you get the enchanted emails

Spend A Day With Me

Rent my magic fingers for a day! Get my eyes, brain, and strategic secret sauce on your entire sales funnel (oops, here’s a napkin).

Take My Program

Want 100s of swipes for every sequence imaginable, plus to know-how to use them? That’s my signature program, Email Stars.

“Tarzan worked her wordsmith magic to help me get 70 percent opt in rates on my webinar funnel and over $200,000 in sales over 2 weeks. She is brilliant, professional and honors her word. She gets funnels and sales deeply which is a rare commodity.”

– Ingrid Arna

Tarzan's emails are epic! No other copywriter can compare. My show-up rates are fantastic and I made $250,000 on just one webinar!

– Anu Grace

You’re a hot match to be my private client if…

(we’re talking Baby + Johnny-level chemistry here)

If you’ve launched your program before and made at least $20,000 in sales, this might be for you.

You want your next launch to be the biggest launch ever, yet? The fastest way to get from $20K to $200K might just be a high-impact day with me, T-Boss, mother of Emails. If that sounds fun, then step onto my A-list. I hope you like red carpets.

Our journey begins IRL in Toronto or Niagara Falls – your choice. My team will choose an airy and inspiring AirBnB in which we’ll co-conspire your biggest launch to date.

Possible outcomes include (but are not limited to):

Ready-to-upload sales-inducing email copy

Revamping the funnel for your next sold out program

A strong digital offer that naturally leads to the next level offer AND the one after that (plus emails to make that happen)

A BIG boost to your email open rate from engaged subscribers who hang on your every word

A break-even evergreen funnel that grows your list for free

Since ambitionistas like you should be pampered – a few nourishing meals, 2 nights’ accommodations, chill out time, and surprise activities are on me. (Did someone say hot stone massage? I can’t hear from inside this zero-gravity float tank.)

You’re a natural-born VIP and when it comes to build your empire through email—nobody puts Baby in the corner spam folder. Call me. 📞

Heads up – a VIP day requires a 5-figure investment.

Want me to write your launch emails…for free?

Half joking. Enter your email to grab 10 swipeable money-making emails for your next launch. Written by moi. Tweak 'em in half the time it takes to write emails from scratch.

There’s one spot every month! Book a call to see if it’s for you.


(“internet famous” counts)… and look what they’re saying

“When you want to graduate from six-figure to let's-hit-a-mill launches, talk to Tarzan.”

-Joanna Wiebe

“Tarzan is my go-to person for every launch. If you need a copywriter that delivers time and time again, you better hope she has some time for you in her calendar.”

– Talia Wolf

“Tarzan is pretty much the best copywriter I know (I’d trust her to script the copy for my marriage proposal).”

– Ry Schwartz

Frequently Asked Kalryzians

What else is included in the VIP day?

Two weeks before your VIP day, we’ll have a Launch Lift Session to figure out how you’re going to get maximum return-on-investment from our time together. I might send you away with a bit of homework to do before the big day, plus any swipe files you may need. You’ll also get unlimited Voxer support for an additional two weeks after your VIP day.

How soon can I book you for a VIP day?

I only take on one superstar like you per month. Sometimes you get lucky and there’s space in the next 30 days, but it’s a gamble. Best to expect a 60-day waitlist.

I only have a small list. Is it worth it to work with you?

Absolutely! Small list strategy is our superpower, and we’ve got tricks up our sleeves that NO ONE ELSE is teaching. A small list can be your greatest asset, if you know how to work it, which is exactly what you’ll learn.

Can’t I just pay you to write emails for me?

If you book a VIP day, I can use this time to write emails if that’s your preference. But it’s important you know that you’re buying my time. Most people opt to use it for strategy AND copywriting. But if you’re gung-ho on using your VIP day to have me write your funnel, just say the word. It’s your time.

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