How To Write Copy That Shows Your Customers and Subscribers They Belong

Write This Way



This Is A Masterclass For People Who Want To Write More Inclusive Copy (Especially If You're Scared You'll Mess Something Up)

Here's a sneak peek of some of the things you'll know after attending this masterclass — and yes, there'll be a replay

The most common ways you’re unintentionally excluding customers

What postal workers really wish you knew about gender bias

How to create a style guide you can hand off to any copywriter you work with

“Default assumptions” you’re most likely making in your sales copy—and how to avoid those

Baby steps to let go of “getting it right” and just get started (lessons learned from years of getting it “wrong”)

Did you know that 71% of queer people are more likely to interact with your content if we feel represented in an authentic way? 

That’s true across so many identities and backgrounds, from race to age to body size and so much more. What if you could write in a way that shows people they’re welcome in your programs, even if they don't look like, talk or move about in the world like you?