What if you could send copywriter-approved, sales-ready emails in half the time?

Easy-to-customize scripts for everyday emails: 

  • Close new clients after a free consultation 
  • Schedule + reschedule existing clients  
  • Gently follow-up with tardy payers  
  • Send a sticky welcome email to new subscribers

Get stylish templates chock full of tempting “trigger phrases” to encourage more opens and swift replies. 

Buh-bye, writer’s block. Hellooo, open rates. 


Soul-crafted swipe copy for everyday use

15 heart-centered yet business-friendly emails for situations you encounter every day—booking new clients, re/scheduling appointments, or gently following up with tardy payers.



Easy-to-use templates for everyday business emails. Just fill in the blanks, add your personal flair and you’re ready to hit “send”. 



Quickly personalize your emails by adding “merge tags”, so you can automate without losing that personal touch.

mobile devices


Includes a handy checklist with all the hand-holding you need to create time-saving templates you can copy/paste when you need them.



Chock full of “trigger phrases” that put your recipient into a warm, receptive state, so more of your messages get read and answered.

Pen and paper


Eliminate the most arduous part of composing an email. Each email includes 2 choices of subject line you can quickly customize.



Fill-in-the-blank templates ensure that your emails sound like your unique and beautiful self—except with souped-up copywriting chops. 

Made for coaches & service-providers

If you serve clients daily, elegant email scripts can be easily customized to suit your needs. If your business has a coaching element, and you aim to impact your clients & subscribers lives in a big way, these scripts can help you get there.

Encourages open hearts (and open rates)

Packed full of enticing "trigger phrases" to ensure your emails get read with an open mind, and your reader is never tempted to click away by unfriendly language or common "fight-or-flight" phrasing.

The Elegant Email Scripts Collection is definitely for you if:

  • You see clients and take appointments
  • You currently use (or would like to start using) scheduling software like Acuity
  • You're subscribed to an email platform like ConvertKit, Mailchimp or AWeber, and would like to start using it more
  • You write the same emails over and over
  • You know there’s a great writer in you, but you're still mastering the art of getting started
  • There’s a coaching aspect to your business (even if you’re an accountant)


(The award-winning, works-with-Amy-Porterfield copywriter who wrote 'em) 

"Hey, amigo! 

Emailing is one of my favourite tasks. I love sitting down to a clean white page, composing a simple email, then putting it under the microscope and tweaking each word 'till the messaging is just right."  

With this collection, I hope to share some of what I've learned, to help you deliver your own little nuggets of joy to inboxes around the world."

DEVELOPED BY A RICH & FAMOUS EMAIL ROCKSTAR (Seriously tho'......look at these awards I won!)

A sneak peek inside the scripts

Easy navigation for grab 'n' go access, and complete freedom to swipe this email copy as many times as you like.

You'll also get:

  • A handy checklist for quick customization
  • 3 automation emails for retaining new subscribers
  • 3 emails for following up after a consultation & booking new appointments
  • 3 scheduling emails gently directing clients to your automated booking system, and charging for missed appointments
  • 3 emails for invoicing clients, and sending tardy payers a gentle reminder
  • 2 follow-up emails for gathering testimonials and encouraging repeat business
  • An email alerting clients when you raise your prices

Got questions? Here are a few answers.

Won't my emails sound like everyone else's? Nope. They're programmed for quick & easy customization. Once you add your signature greeting, plus details about the results you offer, you'll have beautiful emails like no one else. 

What if I don't have a list? A well-written welcome email ensures you get maximum retention of those hard-won subscribers.  

And if you aren't planning on building a list, no worries. Most of thse scripts are 1-to-1 emails for individual clients.

I'm not a coach. Can I make these email scripts work for me? A well-written welcome email Fo'sho! You'll get lots of ideas about crafting creative (and effective) emails, though you may have to do some additional customization.

What if my "regular" emails don't match the style of the scripts? That's where customization comes in. If you've followed the instructions in your "getting started" checklist, the scripts will be full of your own special flavour, and follow-up emails won't be a problem. 

What if I don't have clients yet? If you plan on building your practice and seeing clients regularly, these scripts will give you a great head start, and cut way down on your admin time when clients DO start coming in. 

Will you please give these to me for me? Funny you should ask. I love using ConvertKit for email marketing, and I feel so strongly about it that I'm offering this collection free to new users who sign up to ConvertKit through my affiliate link. 

Did I mention they cost $0.00? Doooo it. *Limited time offer expires Feb. 28, 2019*

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