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Tarzan worked her wordsmith magic to help me get 70 percent opt in rates on my webinar landing page and over $200,000 in sales over 2 weeks.

– Ingrid Arna

Mentoring with Tarzan was an incredible experience. She explained how I was killing my value in the eyes of prospects because of poor branding. Thanks to her advice, clients not only expect to pay me more, they are happy to do so.

– David Rodeck – Financial Copywriter

I came to Tarzan to solve my copy woes knowing that she is funny, relatable, and of course really good! I loved how quickly she got to the goods to make the most of our time together. I was so happy at the end of our session, I can't even tell you. Tarzan is so fun to work with, really good at what she does and quick to do it too. You can't go wrong hooking up with Tarzan for your copy.

– Rebecca Keen


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