The Must-Have Tool For Promoting To A List of Less Than 1000 Subscribers

The Must-Have Tool For Promoting To A List of Less Than 1000 Subscribers

Small list, big profit—using video to be extra generous with your list 

People say the money is in the list. Not true, actually. Smarter people say the money is in yourrelationship with your list. Getting closer. So, if that’s where the money is, how do you actually build that relationship?

The easiest way (my favourite way) is by using video to communicate. The more your subscribers can see you face to face, the more you’re establishing trust. It will make them so damn happy to see a personalized video from you. They’ll be your best friend forever.

You already know that video is the thing. Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are already old news. But I’m not talking about social media. I’m talking about showing up in email inboxes on video.

With my new favourite tool, BombBomb, I’m cultivating my relationship with subscribers on a whole new level. I’m using video to increase open rates and engagement for my launch emails, and I’m able to be generous with my attention to subscribers when they write to ask questions.

It’s tantalizing to receive a video inside a sales email, and it’s really meaningful to receive a personalized answer to a query. It delights and amazes people. Especially when it shows up in your inbox looking like this:


People sometimes tell me I’m generous, which I really love (especially because I don’t really think of myself as an overly generous person, though I consider it one of the highest compliments).

I give because I can. I have some simple tools that are fast and easy to use (like BombBomb), and since my list is relatively small (around 5000 at the time of writing) I can do the kind of personalization I’m about to tell you about.

With a huge list, you really have to rely on email to sell for you, and you have to be really good at it, because it’s much harder to sell via email than it is to sell face to face.

What sold me on BombBomb

My coach Ron Reich mentioned BombBomb five or six times before I finally looked into it. I was using Loom, which is great (and free), and I didn’t think I needed anything more for reaching my email subscribers via video.

I should’ve known a paid tool would far outstrip a free one. BombBomb has some off-the-hook features I can’t ever imagine myself doing without. By the time I had done three or four videos, I was ride or die with BombBomb.

Lesson learned: listen to your coach!

Ron suggested BombBomb when I was doing an affiliate promotion for Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy (DCA). He suggested I get BombBomb and test it for one launch, which is really easy to do with their 2-week free trial.

Almost everyone who received a personalized video from me bought the course, which brought me $35K in revenue for a course I don’t have to deliver on! Nice.

If you’re scared to commit money to this tool (it’s not cheap), I recommend giving it a try for one launch and seeing how it affects your results.

You’ll be laughing at yourself for ever thinking it was expensive.

How I use BombBomb for affiliate promos

If you’re never done an affiliate promo, here’s something you might not know. When you promote someone else’s program, there’s an affiliate leader board where affiliates can monitor how their sales are doing compared to other partners, and engage in a little friendly competition with each other.

I wanted to be number one (of course!) but I was a small fish in a huge pond, competing against people like John Lee Dumas, Kajabi, Laura Belgray and more.

To my amazement, I came in fourth in the DCA launch!

It was incredible that I was even in the running, and just to see my name next to some of the big players who were selling to their mega-huge lists with hundreds of thousands of subscribers was a big achievement. I was marketing DCA to just one segment of my list with about 3000 subscribers.

You don’t have to be Amy Porterfield to have a list that generates big profits. You can do it by being generous and innovative with a smaller list.

How I rocked the DCA launch with BombBomb

First, I identified the most engaged people: the people who signed up for Amy’s webinar or those who signed up for my personalized webinar—and especially the people who showed up and were active in the comments.

Out of those people, I chose 10–15 of the most engaged, and made them personalized videos. 

If people had asked a question on a webinar, even better. In Amy's webinar, she answered people’s questions throughout. But after the event, there was an opportunity for me to chime in and send a little video to each person who asked a question and go deeper,  and then of course invite them to join Digital Course Academy.

All I’m really doing is continuing the conversation. I’m letting people know that I’m approachable, that I’m here for them.

Here’s an example of a personalized BombBomb video sent during a launch:


Do-It-Yourself vs Loom vs BombBomb

Remember the old days, when, if you wanted to include a video in an email, you’d have to record a video with your phone or camera, upload it to your desktop computer, then upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia, and then put the link in an email?

Phew. I’m breaking out into a cold sweat just thinking about it.

I recently wrote and recorded an onboarding sequence for everyone who joined B-School through me this year. They get an email with a video from me for all eight weeks of the program.

Last year, before I had BombBomb, this is what I did for my B-School onboarding sequence: I recorded each video on my phone (I can’t even tell you how long it took me to upload each video from my phone to the computer—hours!).

And then each video had to be uploaded to Vimeo, and then we had to create a webpage to host the videos. It probably took about 8 hours, whereas this year with BombBomb it’s taking me about one hour to record, upload and send all 8 videos.

I’m just one person running this business with a very small team (most of the time it’s just me & Sandra). I work 30 hours a week. My time is precious (isn’t everyone’s?). An extra 7 hours is worth $1000s to me.

I upgraded in 2018 and started using Loom, which has a lot of strengths and is free. I actually still use it for screengrab videos.

But BombBomb has some really incredible features that Loom just can’t compete with. I used Loom’s desktop app for about 5 days before permanently deleting it. It’s still in beta and SUPER glitchy.

BombBomb costs about $468/year or $49/month, and you really get what you pay for. Here are some of the BombBomb features I love that set it apart from DIY (obviously), and Loom.

[Ironically I’m going to use Loom to show you how I do it, since no matter how amazing BombBomb is, I can’t use BombBomb to record myself using BombBomb. (So meta!)]

And if I’m being totally honest, Loom still rules for screengrabs.

The Chrome Extension

BombBomb’s Chrome extension is my favourite feature. It allows you to record and send videos from within your Chrome browser. You can grab the HTML for your video and drop it into either an email to your list (in ConvertKit, for example) or straight into the body of a personal email. Here's a demo video I made for you:

the gmail powerwheel

With the Gmail app and “PowerWheel” I can quickly record a video without leaving my Gmail inbox and send it in a personalized email to a subscriber or client. I can bang out 30 videos, answering launch queries, in half an hour. Here's a demo. You see how meta it can get: there are three Tarzans in this video!

When you’re on a launch and you need to do a higher volume, BombBomb totally takes the lead when it comes to popping videos into emails.

There are tons of other BombBomb integrations available, like Zendesk, Outlook, Zapier, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube—and a lot of Real Estate tools (BombBomb is popular with realtors).

the GIF!

BombBomb grabs the first few seconds of your video and turns it into a GIF. When you pop the video into an email, the GIF is ready to go, and it really makes people want to click. BombBomb also shows people how long (or short) the video is, which increases its click-worthiness.

The video appears to be muted—I challenge you not to hit that “unmute” button when it comes into your inbox. When you click it, you're taken to a clean white page to view your video.

The Clean White Page

When people click on a Loom video, they land on a page with distractions. There are 87 million things they can click. BombBomb videos show up on a clean white page and there’s nothing to do but watch the video. Here's how they look (Loom first, BombBomb second):


The Customer Service

What you don’t get with a free tool is customer service. (I’m sure Loom has great customer service! I’m on the free plan). But BombBomb really went beyond for me.

When I signed up for the BombBomb free trial, Britt reached out to ME and offered a meeting to give me a tour of their features.


When I met with Britt he taught me all the ways I can use BombBomb. If I hadn’t done this call, I probably wouldn’t have known about all these cool features, and don’t know whether I would’ve converted to a paid plan, honestly.

It feels great to pay for tools when you get this level of support. This one call with Britt seriously made me lots of great money.

If you guessed that this article contains affiliate links, you’re right! You can get BombBomb free for two weeks, and you can get one month free with my affiliate link.

I recommend that you also meet my friend Britt. He’ll do a tutorial for you, and if you choose to sign up, he’ll give you one month for free. Use this link to schedule that call with Britt.

Comparison Chart

Other ways I use BombBomb

In email marketing software (ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, AWeber, etc)

A show-up sequence is a great place to use a BombBomb video (the series of emails you get after you register for a webinar).

You’re usually not trying to get people to click on anything in this type of email sequence. You just want to remind them who you are and encourage them to show up for the webinar they’ve registered for.

Why not make them a video to say that? It’s great for the “know, like, and trust” factor.

Promo emails are a bit trickier because I like to stick to the guideline that every email has only one job (one call to action, one link to click). If you want subscribers to click through to the sales page, you don’t really want to give them a link to a video as well.

But I make an exception when I’m sending more than one email in a day. During the cart close period, I recommend that people send two emails on the second-to-last day, and three emails on the last day.

For one of those three emails I always do a pattern interrupt— a fun story or something to break up the intensity of the sales emails. This is a great place to use a video.

I can show up and say, “Hey, I know you’re dealing with [this objection] . . . If you’re ready to join [course name], I’m so excited to welcome you to this program. Just go back to the email I sent you and you’ll be able to link through and see all my bonuses.”

BombBomb videos look GREAT in ConvertKit, and the Chrome extension makes it really easy to share your BombBomb video in an email to your list.

Here’s an example of a video I made for a cart close email sent only to people who were on my webinar:


In personal follow-up emails from gmail

I can send quick videos to subscribers who reply to one of my regular emails. Especially when it’s a new subscriber who sends me something thoughtful, it takes me 30 seconds to send a video reply and show them the level of support they’ve got with me.

Bonus: people can answer my video with their own video or a quick written reply from within the BombBomb window, even if they haven’t got BombBomb!

During a launch I go through my list and identify the most engaged subscribers, people who have participated in the webinar, for example. For those people I definitely make a personal video, as I did during the DCA launch described above.

When you’re selling an online course, people don’t know what’s really on the inside of the course until they register. There’s some fear that you’re going to ghost them, or you’re not going to deliver what you promised. The more you can get in front of people face to face and actually talk to them, the more they’ll trust you. Video is such an easy trust builder, and most people love it. You’re not going to get a lot of objections when you send videos in emails.

You don't need a big list to make a big profit

A lot of people think they need a huge list in order to have a six-figure launch or to make any sort of solid profit, but actually you don’t. With a smaller list, you can convert higher by personally reaching out and supporting your subscribers.

For sales, you need trust. Trust comes from being consistent, creating deep connections, and being generous. You can do all those things by showing up for your audience on video.

Try BombBomb free for two weeks

Use my affiliate link to get a two-week trial. I would recommend that you also hook up with my friend Britt. You’ll need to fill out a form for thatHe’ll do a tutorial for you, and if you choose to sign up, he’ll give you one month for free.

This blog post was prepared by Carolyn Masson in collaboration with Tarzan.

Have you been using video in your emails?
Tell me about it in the comments!

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