How My Evergreen Quiz Funnel Actually Makes Money

How My Evergreen Quiz Funnel
Actually Makes Money

Quick pop quiz before we start: (indulge me)

Question 1. If your lead magnet was a showstopping, ultra-shareable QUIZ that speaks to your audience, you could:

A. Have a non-stop flow of new leads
B. Segment your audience
C. Build an audience of ready-to-buy subscribers
D. All of the above

The answer is D, OBV. Quizzes for the win.

Question 2. An evergreen funnel is:

A. The gold standard for digital course creators; everyone should have one!
B. Usually NOT the main revenue driver of an online business
C. Your ticket to lounging on the beach while the money rolls in
D. All of the above

The answer is B! If you understand how to integrate the funnel into your overall business scheme, it can help you make money, but it might not come the way you think it will.

Now that we’ve had a little fun, let’s get down to biz-ness:

The surprising thing about my evergreen quiz funnel

When I built my new website last year, the quiz was a huge focus. I wanted this to be the main entry point to my email list.

The quiz, What’s Your 80s Pricing Persona?, is at the top of an evergreen funnel that sells my digital course for freelancers, The Money Vault.

The plan was to generate a bunch of inexpensive leads and make money from the course on autopilot. Did it work out that way? Not exactly. My leads cost much more than I thought they would, and I don’t necessarily “make money while I sleep.” But is creating a quiz funnel good for business? Most definitely.

When I take a bird’s eye view of my business, it’s clear: The average lifetime value of my subscribers is $25 — well above the industry average. I attribute this to the way people arrive on my list (through the quiz funnel), what happens immediately after (they feel seen, and understood when they read their result), and what makes them stay (my showstopper emails and offers).

Let me break it down for you:

Why create a quiz? (Shiny object alert!)

As an entry point to a sales funnel, quizzes are the obvious choice: They’re fun, they’re interactive, and they’re shareable. What’s more, they convert better than other opt-in freebies, and you can use them to segment your audience.

With a well-crafted quiz, you’re delivering tons of value to new leads. While they answer the questions and devour their results, they’re learning something about themselves—and they’re being entertained at the same time.

By the time quiz-takers subscribe to your list, they’ve already begun to fall in love with your brand. (Then, of course, you continue the romance with a sweet sequence of emails that wins them over completely).



Converting traffic into subscribers is easy when you’ve got a quiz that speaks to your audience.

— Chanti Zak, Conversion Copywriter and Quiz Funnel Strategist


The What’s Your 80s Pricing Persona? quiz has three specific jobs to do

Most importantly, I want to build my email list with quality subscribers. The goal is to attract people who will eventually invest in my programs—The Money Vault and beyond.

There’s a question in the quiz that asks people whether they are course creators or service providers, and they are tagged accordingly. I can then customize my emails and offers for these segments. This is one of the great things about a quiz—you can segment your list as you build it!

The data I get from the quiz is gold. From the quiz results, I can tell who’s a beginner (a good fit for my courses) and who’s more advanced (a better fit for the private mastermind). And . . . I proceed with my marketing accordingly.

The Offer: My evergreen program, The Money Vault

The Money Vault is a mindset-focused program that shows entrepreneurs how to book A-list clients, charge top dollar, and only say yes to projects that genuinely light them up.

It’s for self-employed, stressed-out-nonstop freelancers, struggling to get clients. After new subscribers get their quiz results, I offer a free webinar to the “KMart” and “Karate Kid” personas (click here to see a sample quiz results page), who are ideal candidates for The Money Vault. I follow up via email with webinar invites for those who do not register. I pitch The Money Vault at the end of the webinar. Then there’s a 6-day promo email sequence for The Money Vault until the bonus package expires. If you sign up inside the promo period, you get a $100 discount and some extra bonuses.

Lead Generation? Yes. Cheap Leads? Not So Much

I thought I was creating a quiz (in part) to get cheap leads, and was really surprised when they actually cost me about $2.77 each. I thought this meant my quiz was a flop. Not viral-worthy or 35-cents-a-lead material.

That’s when I had to take a hard look at the big picture of my business and start thinking beyond the initial sales I might get from my evergreen funnel.

It was a ton of work to put the quiz funnel together, but at the time I thought it was worth it because in my dreams I was building my own personal ATM! My goal was to attract 165 new leads/day into the funnel. Assuming a 2% conversion rate, this would net $30K/month passively for my business, or 3.33 sales per day.

In reality, I get $1.35 return-on-ad-spend, which isn’t making me rich, but it is a completely decent return. The sales from the funnel cover the costs of the ad spend and my ads manager.  We haven’t done this at scale—that’s phase two of funnel building, the optimization part. And I haven’t found the energy yet.

The real pay-off is that this is “free” list growth for me, and a lot of those people go on to become customers for my other products. 

So in a surprising way, it’s all worth it. In fact, it’s WAY BETTER than I thought it would be.

Evergreen funnels that make money are rare (a fact that very few people actually talk about—except for my coach Ron Reich. Pretty sure it’s one of his favourite subjects).

Having a funnel that breaks even is great! Better than great. It’s freaking amazing. As long as you understand where it fits in the grand scheme of your services. What’s the next step for the student?

For example, people who buy The Money Vault are going to be good candidates for my program Email Stars. The next step is the League of Legends mastermind, and after that, a select few may even become private clients. 


The big pay-off, AKA where the real money is

The average lifetime value of my email subscribers is $25 per subscriber! That’s far above the industry average of $10–15. 

Knowing this metric, I can bank on list growth as a sure-fire way to increase income. Even if I only break even on the evergreen funnel, the ROI from later offers will pay off in the long-run.

This funnel is not my biggest money-maker by a long shot, and makes up less than 10% of my annual revenue. But the quiz gets great quality leads, a large percentage of which go on to become paying customers.

While making passive income from this funnel would be great, I’m more focused on the long game. The most important thing is to get a return on ad spend (ROAS), so I can invest heavily in ads and get leads for future promotions.

For the “greens” who want to dig into all the details, here they are:

The technology

Chanti Zak, the wizard behind the quiz and quiz funnel, recommended using Interact quiz software, and I’m so glad we did. I set up the quiz myself (because it was fun) and then let my team take over to do the heavy lifting.

Interact was super helpful with support. Plus their software is easy to use and it integrates with ConvertKit really well.

Try Interact!

Get 2 weeks free, then 25% off the annual fee forever. Pick any plan. It will cost you $150/year after the discount ($204 without discount). 

Here’s your link to sign up. (<— that’s an affiliate link, meaning if you sign up through here I’ll get a commission from Interact)

Use the code “Legendary” at checkout to get your discount.

Facebook ads and metrics

  • Facebook ads for quiz: $20/day
  • Monthly budget: $2,000 for ads + $699 for ads management (a human manager)
  • Average cost per lead: $2.77
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS): $1.35. For every $1 spent, I get $1.35 back.

I know that $2,000/month on ads got me 718 leads. Since each lead is worth $25 over a 12-month period, I can project that I’m going to make $17,950 for every monthly ad spend.

The biggest costs of the quiz

  • Copywriting: $2,500 for the quiz and results pages only (I wrote the rest of the copy myself)
  • Design: $3,000 for quiz results pages and opt-in pages
  • VA/Online Business Manager: On retainer already so did not cost anything extra
  • Tech & Software: Quiz results pages are built out on Divi in WordPress. Landing pages are mostly built out in LeadPages—$400/year. We also added Deadline Funnel—$67/month, and Interact—$150/year with discount

The results (so far)

Looking at the numbers, they’re not especially huge or impressive, and my ad cost is pretty high. But with the quiz keeping my list fresh, I’ve had four profitable launches this year and, with a bit of luck, I might be looking at my first 7-figure year.

With the power of this quiz, I’ve been able to:

  • Triple my email list this year, from 3,151 to 9,657 subscribers
  • Cover 100% of my ad spend, including ad management costs
  • Create ride-or-die fans who are keen to purchase my offerings

Recap: You can use an evergreen quiz funnel to:

  • Gain high-quality leads. Instead of seeing quiz funnels as revenue-generators right off the bat, think of them as ideal-client magnets.
  • A quiz is a powerful way to segment your list. Use a quiz to tag new subscribers based on your ideal customers and speak to their needs better.
  • Launch without an organic social media following
  • Build your email list through low-cost paid ads
  • Run Facebook and Instagram ads that pay for themselves
  • Get free webinar leads for an evergreen sales funnel
  • Have subscribers that feel deeply understood and connected to you
  • Cultivate a list of buyers who’ve purchased your low-cost offer, and are ripe for investing in a signature course or group program

Want some of these results for your business?

Use Interact to create a quiz on a topic that relates to your offer in an obvious way, and integrate the funnel into your overall business

If you want to see the whole funnel in action, take the quiz, What’s Your 80’s Pricing Persona?

Do you have a quiz in your business? Or an evergreen funnel that actually makes a profit? Do tell in the comments below!

Tarzan Kay

I’m a launch strategist, copywriter and educator on all things money—earning it, growing it, and helping others get more of it.

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