I broke my own rule. An essential rule that no business owner should ever, ever break.

My friend Grant (I call him the Mick Jagger of Big Pharma, because he’s a total rock star in patient compliance and his clients are begging him to come out of retirement) taught me this essential bit of wisdom, and his voice echoes in my head every time I sit down to write.

Don’t insult your customers.

(Grant says it much more elegantly and backs it up with hard science to boot.)

What you’re reading now is a take-back. I’d written a long tirade that involved this oh-so-important “1 thing”, got up on my very-high-horse and pontificated about the way web design should be.

It was subtle (or so I thought), but as I laced up my boots and walked home from the office on Friday, something didn’t feel right.

However subtle it may have been, it was insulting to my clients. And I love. love. love. my clients. Ain’t nobody allowed to talk sh*t about them. Not even Tarzan the infamous pontificator.

Fortunately, I came to my senses before I hit “publish”.

And yet here you are, you clicked the link, and now you’re wondering, “What’s the 1 thing?”

So I broke it down, Seth Godin-style, into the shortest possible post I could write.  No insults. No sermonizing.

The Post You Were Looking For, Minus The Sermon

Would you hire a world-renowned painter if all you needed was someone to colour between the lines? Giving a writer a template is essentially the same thing.
If you don’t talk to a copywriter before you talk to a designer (or at least concurrently), you’re severally tying her hands in terms of how much she can help you.
A worthy copywriter will offer much more than copy. And if she’s really on her toes, she might suggest scary things: drastic changes to your sales funnel, opening a new workflow, repackaging your services, severely altering your drip campaign.
But whatever she tells you, I promise you it’ll be easier to hear if you haven’t already wireframed your entire website and poured your sales funnel into hard concrete.
Content drives design. The opposite is almost never true. (Tweet it)

Boom! Done. It’s times like these I like to give myself a little fist bump and sing Kim Mitchell:

“might as well go for a soda
nobody hurts, and nooo-body cries”

This blog post is a soda from me to you. Enjoy.