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Day rates filled this huge embarrassing gap in my copywriting business model. It's the middle ticket price missing from my biz— all my offers were high and low before.  

My past clients are snapping these up fast like Beyonce winning at the Grammy's! Thank you Tarzan for totally transforming how I'm able to serve my clients 😊"

-- Sage Polaris | Launch Strategist to the Stars + Work Less, Earn More Mentor

People say you can’t make good money working for an hourly rate

They say you should do project-based pricing.  

That “trading hours for dollars” will leave you broke.  

But let me ask you this: “Would you trade 1 hour of your time for $500?"  

Suddenly trading hours for dollars sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? And surprise! $500/hour is exactly how much I make when I sell my services for a day rate.  

But there are a kazillion reasons to charge a day rate, other than all that yummy money...  

Tarzan Kay, the original Day Rate Superstar

When you sell at a day rate, you get some pretty stellar fringe benefits


Day rates are time-based and always paid in advance, preferably right there on the sales call. No follow-up necessary.


When you’re not constantly trying to finish up some client project that’s been dragging on for weeks, you’ll be free to host a webinar or create a live training just like the one you’re about to purchase.


Time is the only deliverable when you work at a day rate. You get what you can get done in the time allowed. If the client wants to expand the project, they can buy more time.

Two BIG reasons your clients will love booking you for a day rate



Even 7-figure businesses don’t want to wait 6 weeks to get on your calendar. They want what they want and they want it yesterday. A day rate gets them on your calendar faster, since you can usually squeeze one in between projects.



Got clients complaining your prices are too high? Perfect. Next time someone makes that objection, you’ll have an affordable day rate option available. (And the exact language to sell it.)

Want to know how much money I make on day rate work?

In May 2018 I made +$28,000 for about 8 days work. That’s probably pretty hard to believe, so I pulled a report from Stripe to prove it. 

That’s 129% more than I made last May, when I was focusing on project-based pricing.  

This is a HUGE opportunity, people!  

I turn potential clients away all the time because I don’t have enough room in my calendar to accommodate everyone. (I’m on “sort-of mat leave” right now, and only working 2-3 days/week.)  

People want their deliverables FAST and they hate paying rush fees.  

A day rate ensures you make great bank despite the quick turnaround. It’s an obvious win-win.  

Frankly, if you want to hit 6-figures in 2018, you can’t afford NOT to add Day Rates to your offerings.  

A 90-minute recording of a workshop on how to sell your services at a day rate, from what to say on a sales call to delighting your client long after the work is done.

I've taken everything I've learned from working with dozens of clients at a date rate—many of whom come back to me again and again to book more days.  

The most effective sales strategies have been distilled down into an easily digestible format, so you can start selling right away.

Day Rate Superstar isn’t an online course. 

It’s a 90-minute immersion in selling.

You'll discover how to construct your offer, what to say on the sales call, how to get clients *panting* for time in your calendar. But more importantly, you’ll have an offer in place for clients who are a) in too much of a hurry to wait , and b) don’t want to pay a huge project fee.  

The end result: You banking +$1000/day doing work you love, and happy clients who are thrilled to get a turnaround time that NO ONE ELSE IN THE BUSINESS IS OFFERING!  

Chanti Zak billed +$30K in day rate work after taking my day rate training

Here’s what else she had to say: 

You’ll discover sales gems like…

  • The #1 thing holding you back from doing a day rate...and how to make it a non-issue
  • The exact words to use on a sales call to make clients feel like they’re getting a bargain (even when they’re paying you thousands per day!)
  • Mindset mindf*cks that will block your ability to sell (and how to bust through them)
  • How to pitch your day rate as “the inexpensive option”
  • My secret weapon closer for converting cold leads
  • What I actually *do* in a day, plus my formula for ensuring clients walk away happy
  • What MY sales process looks like and how I’m now getting clients to buy from me without getting on a sales call
  • ...and loads more hot tips to launch you into superstardom

Imagine how big you could grow your business if...

  • You only needed to do client work 1-2 days per week
  • You could earn +$15,000 per month without having to put in a single evening or weekend
  • You could confidently sell a day rate, and start closing clients who couldn’t afford you before
  • People were happy to pay you thousands a day, and didn’t require endless follow-ups edits and revisions  

That’s what you’ll be able to achieve with Day Rate Superstar.  

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Single Payment of

$197 USD

"So now I've done Day Rate Superstar and most of the Money Vault, and I've officially had my biggest billing month ever! I've also booked 3 x day rates and a launch project with a previous client who is happy to pay me my MUCH higher rates."

-- Sophia Arthur, Copywriter & Content Strategist

The Best 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee You’ll Ever Get

Listen, I’m not going let you off the hook if you a) don’t show up to the training, or b) don’t put what you learn into practice.  

But here’s what I will offer you: the realest guarantee in the business.  

If you do at least 5 sales calls and you DON’T make your investment back, I’ll cheerfully refund your money.  

You’ll be required to give proof. Don’t be a punk.  

Frequently Given Excuses For Not Attending This Training

“I’ll take it next time. You’re offering it again, right?”

I don’t usually give live workshops more than once. So no, you won’t be able to catch it on the next run. The replay will be for sale at a higher price.

“$197 for a 90-minute workshop? Isn’t that kinda, like, a rip-off?”

Listen, punk. This information isn’t available anywhere else. You can’t google it. There are no other programs teaching what I’m teaching.  

If you want to go buy someone else’s 60-hour training, knock yourself out. The whole point is to get you on the fastest possible path to closing your day rate offer.

“I’m not a copywriter so this definitely won’t work for me...or will it?”

This training is for service providers. So...photographers, designers, virtual assistants, business coaches, consultants, ad strategists, personal trainers, financial coaches and the like. If you offer a service or training that can be delivered at an accelerated pace in one day, then this is for you.

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$197 USD

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