I really did this at a funeral.

You probably already know this, but I can be a bit of a loudmouth.

I once made quite a scene at church.

“That’s enough! You can sit down now,” I called out to the preacher, shaking my fist from the cheap seats in the back.

True story.

It was a funeral, actually. And the preacher was way out of line—slinging covert, bible-based insults at someone I dearly loved.

Sometimes my loud mouth gets me in trouble. But not that day. Other people joined in a chorus of shouting, until eventually he surrendered the pulpit.

Score one for standing in your truth.

Another place my loud mouth doesn’t get me into trouble is on my website. Not only does it not get me into trouble, it makes me money.

Clients often say my About page was why they decided to work with me. They liked what they read, and wanted a website to stood just as strongly in their own unique truth.

(I just rewrote it, actually. Take a peek.)

And just like it did that day at the church, this bold style drives the wrong people away. Customers I shouldn’t be working with are instinctively put off by it.

But you don’t have to shout profanities from a church pew to get noticed online. 

You just have to be yourself. Share your stories and open your heart. Wide.

Being true to who you are and what you believe in is one of the best ways I’ve found to get what you want.

You may already know this, but your “About page” is the second most visited page on your site.

It’s crazy important.

And that’s why I’m offering a 1-week promo for you to get your About page written at a reduced price. (It’s my most popular offering, and now you know why.)

If you’re thinking about investing in a website update, this is where you’ll get the biggest ROI.

Get info about this limited-time offer right here.

I’ll make sure your About page is an earth-shakin’, money-makin’ lead machine.

With deep affection,



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