Online Courses I Took This Year—Which Made An Impact, and Which Went Stale On The Hard Drive

You’re either growing or you’re dying, right?

Well in the entrepreneurial world that translates to: You’re either taking online courses or your business is shrivelling.

That puts a heavy burden on the entrepreneur’s already overtaxed to-do list. I’ve said no to so many programs this year that I’d started thinking I was lazy about furthering my skills & education, and worrying that my business might suffer.

But after taking mental inventory of all the programs I took this year, it looks like I logged quite a lot of time learning, even though I had no dedicated amount of time set aside for it.

I’m very lucky.

My clients always give me lifetime access to their courses when I’m writing launch copy. It’s tough to write a sales page for a program if you haven’t actually taken it yourself. That means I’ve usually got something on the go, even if it’s just playing in the background.

Here’s the short list of courses I took this year:


10x Launches by Copy Hackers (Ry Schwartz)

Emotion Sells: The Masterclass by Talia Wolf

High-End Empire by Ingrid Arna

Webinars That Convert by Amy Porterfield

Ask Method Masterclass by Ryan Levesque



Yoni Art By Laura Höllick

Eating On Tellus by Fernanda Lind Echenique

Coming Together by Kim Anami



1. 10x Launches by Copy Hackers (Ry Schwartz)

The Investment:

DOLLARS: Varies. Sold as a package with Copy School ($1997) or in a bundle with 10x Emails ($997)

TIME: A few hours to watch the lessons. You can implement on the go, which actually SAVES a ton of time since you’re not writing emails and planning launches from scratch.

The work:

I got stuck on this one for awhile. There was one particularly long video that I just couldn’t get through, and it stalled my progress every time I logged in.

Silly me. Because in the meantime I was hounding Ry Schwartz to create a sequel to 10x Emails, one of the courses I took last year and loved. I didn’t realize that I already had the sequence—it’s 10x Launches.

When I finally gave myself permission to skip around and watch Ry’s training as needed, I started logging in regularly and using this course way more. It’s a brilliant investment, since anytime you spend in this course almost always comes right out of time you spend writing emails.

I watch Ry’s videos, which are short for the most part, grab the templates and start writing emails. It saves me much more time than it costs me.

The results:

Every time I send a promotional email, I make money. And I’ve sent a LOT more of those this year.

My emails take less time to write, and I get the best replies from my audience. That’s not a trackable stat I can brag to my entrepreneur friends about, but those replies are what keep me going in the email marketing game.

Biggest Takeaway:

You don’t have to watch a course from beginning to end to get the value. Give yourself permission to skip around. Better that than let it go stale on your hard drive.


2. Emotion Sells: The Masterclass by Talia Wolf

The Investment:

DOLLARS: $1997 last time it launched

TIME: A few hours to watch the lessons. You can implement as you go.

The Work:

This course was REALLY easy to digest because it was so interesting and full of case studies and examples. I watched the whole thing 2x, some videos even more. I still refer back to it from time to time.

If you’re an online marketer, take this course! Service providers will be able to articulate the value of their services better, charge more money, and get better results for the client. And for people who sell things online, Talia’s course helps you do it way better.

Really easy to make back your investment on this one.

The Results:

Talia got me thinking about stuff that should have been obvious before: use of fonts, images and colours. I can’t publish anything without first running it through the filter of her training.

Biggest Takeaway:

When a website or sales page is confusing and doesn’t convert, I now have the language and understanding to explain why. Which is incredibly helpful in a sales conversation.


3. High-End Empire by Ingrid Arna

DOLLARS: Tiered program. Starts at $500/month for 12 months.

TIME: If you watched all the content, you’d be at your computer for quite a long time. But you can pick and choose, selectively watch the videos or attend the live calls. You don’t need to do a lot to get results.

The Work:

As I’ve just implied, this is a BIG course. I’d recommend devoting a whole year to working with Ingrid’s training, and not think of this as just one more program you’re doing this year.

You can’t always do the work in front of a computer and the process often goes like this: watch some content, interact in the community, crack soul wide open, deep healing happens, cash and clients flow in.

Sometimes that whole process happens overnight, other times it takes months.

The Results:

Working with Ingrid has been one of the most impactful relationships of my career. Just being around her makes people richer, I see it all the time.

There’s a lot of “make money now” and “get booked out” type training out there, but Ingrid’s is different. It’s deeper than anything I’ve seen. She triggers the eff out of her students and clients, and they grow very quickly because of that. It’s not uncommon to hear of her students doing $100K+ launches, selling $15K packages to private clients, and earning several thousand within days of joining her training.

Biggest Takeaway:

Until I met Ingrid I thought I had my money & abundance stuff dialed in. I had no idea how often I was bringing my own money drama to sales conversations and quoting in a way that reflected a lifetime of poverty-consciousness. Now that I know, I can change that.


4. Webinars That Convert by Amy Porterfield


TIME: A few FULL days to watch the lessons, plus a few weeks to implement. But you don’t need to watch it all or implement everything to see results. No way.

The Work:

My favourite thing about Amy’s programs is how step-by-step they are. Amy doesn’t mess around. She’s the most organized person I’ve ever met, and that’s reflected inside her courses.

I jump around in the program depending where I am in a launch. When I was working on my slide decks, I watched the 2 lessons on putting together a slide deck (which IMO, are worth the price of the course alone). When I was scheduling my promotion, I watched her training on scheduling.

If you watch the whole thing at once, you’ll drown. There’s just so much to do. This course is best digested as you go. Watch some training, do some work. Rinse and repeat.

The Results:

I’ve done about $18K in sales on just 2 webinars this year. I don’t think I could’ve pulled that off without Amy’s strategies.

Biggest Takeaway:

Small things make a BIG difference. Like having a clickable button on your webinar, or adding a fast action bonus. It’s really tempting to do it ALL, thinking you’ll get the maximum amount of sales. But in reality, you’ll just get overwhelmed and want to quit.

I’m a total convert to lean launches, and adding just 1 bell or whistle at a time.


5. Ask Method Masterclass by Ryan Levesque

The Investment:

DOLLARS: $1997

TIME: Implementation could be super simple and take a few hours (ex. by sending a deep dive survey to your list) or you could spend a month building out a super complex funnel.

The Work:

There are 3 modules to this training, each containing about 4 lessons, each of which have 4-10 segments with worksheets and PDF downloads (which are actually really helpful). I’d recommend a full day for each lesson.

The templates make implementation a cinch. You can literally just copy, paste and change a few words, if you’re feeling lazy.

I’m extremely impressed with this course! I had a huge leg-up here because I was being paid to go through it for a client. (Yes, I know. I have the best clients.) So I spent a solid day just watching the content and making notes.

Ryan is extremely convincing in his delivery and even though I get tired of hearing him talk about lego, I appreciate how hard he works to drive key concepts home. He makes it super simple.

The Results:

What I love most about this training is how easy it is to implement! It’s total plug ‘n’ play. The survey practically wrote itself after watching the lessons and doing a 45-minute call with my client. So easy! We’re at the beginning of this process so I can’t say definitively what the results will be, but I’m optimistic.

Biggest Takeaway:

A single word changes everything. As a copywriter I totally geek out on words. So when Ryan talks about avoiding the word “survey” (people have awful associations with that word) and instead ask for “advice,” it totally lights me up.

Until now, Marie Forleo’s B-school was the gold standard of what a $1997 course should look like. Well, move over, Marie. You’ve got competition. This entire course is direct-to-camera and faaancy. Totally helped him get buy-in from me, that’s for sure.



This year I did something I’ve never done: I took non-business related courses. As in, put actual money down on a course that wasn’t all about making more money.


1. Yoni Art By Laura Höllick

The Investment


TIME: 4x weekly 1-hour calls, plus a few minutes of daily journaling and/or colouring

What to say about this course without going extreme TMI? Laura is an absolute master when it comes to guiding women to heal themselves and embrace the divine feminine. She brings you into the z-o-n-e, and helps you connect to long-forgotten places and feelings.

I felt more grounded and connected when I was doing this training. Just reviewing this course makes me want to go back to it, because it’s so easy to let it slip away while I focus on my business, my family, and just administrating my daily life.

This course is like coming home.


2. Eating On Tellus by Fernanda Lind Echenique

The Investment

DOLLARS: By Invite Only

TIME: About an hour of training each week for 2 months, plus weekly Q&A calls, daily meditations and other exercises

Eating On Tellus was my favourite course I did this year. It’s a 60-day program all about food freedom, which, prior to taking this course, was just a buzz word for me. I didn’t actually believe in it. I do now.

Holy moley was this training action-packed! Daily emails that Fernanda calls “mini-missions” really helped me stay on track and keep committed to the work. I only attended 1 weekly live call, but it was super helpful. The 1:1 support changes everything.

Nothing about this course ever felt like homework. Unlike every single other course on my plate this year, it was much more than just something on my to-do list. Each time I say down with one of Fernanda’s meditations, I stood up feeling centred and 100x less frantic.


3. Coming Together by Kim Anami

The Investment


TIME: Technically, about an hour for each module (there are 6 “salons”, plus 2 “challenge weeks”), but it always takes way longer. Because stuff comes up, and you can talk for hours after just one 15-minute video.

I can’t really talk about this without revealing details that aren’t exclusively mine to reveal, so I won’t.

But I will say this. If you want to have better sex and more of it, Kim is the one to get you there. But the path to get there is rocky as sh*t because there’s a lot of internal drama that gets uprooted along the way.

The end result: a more harmonious relationship, more clarity and openness, and yes, lots more hanky-panky.


Total Value of 2017 Course: $13,300

What I actually spent: $997

(Still woulda been worth it.)

While my actual course spend looks low, I spent heavily on a mastermind group, private coaching and travelling to 4 live events this year. This was a new level for me, and definitely took my business further than any single course could have.

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for next year, but I plan to up my social media game and I’ve got my eye on a few courses about Pinterest & Instagram.


What courses did YOU take this year?

I’d love to know. What was the most impactful course you took to grow your business this year and why?

Add in the comments below.

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