11 Chrome Extensions For Time-Starved Entrepreneurs

First off, in case you’re a newb, a Chrome extension is like an app, but for your web browser.

Chrome extensions are the reason I will never, ever use any other browser (even though I’m suspicious about Google basically owning my data and using it for suspicious activity). They’re mini-programs that help me type things faster (or not at all), generate quick links, match colors for graphics, and more.

The 11 Chrome extensions I’m about to introduce to you are essential for online business owners. They help me do what I do faster and more efficiently.

Some people call me “techie” but the truth is I’m not at all. I just like software that helps me do my work better, with less effort. When you work a strict 32-hour week like I do, you have to prioritize things like that.

So here goes.

1Password for Online Businesses


Whenever the subject of passwords comes up at dinner parties, my husband Jay can be relied upon to make the “here she goes again” face.

I’m obsessed with my password manager.

I don’t know how people LIVE without one. It currently stores 296 impossible-to-guess passwords, plus credit card information, “sensitive documents” (you *think* it’s naked pictures, but it’s really just my driver’s license and stuff), bank accounts and more. I use 1Password at least 12x/day.

1Password is consistently adding cool new features. A recent update lets me unlock my vault with my fingerprint (I have a MacBook Pro with touch bar), which is hella easier than typing a long-ass master password every time I need to get into my vault.

The vault re-locks every 20 minutes.

Another recent update for iPhone now has password autofill with 1Password, which is ridiculously exciting for secure password nerds like me.

After playing around to get this cool screenshot, I also figured out that 1Password tells me where I have reused passwords, where I can enable 2FA passwords, and a whole bunch more cool stuff.

I have 5 vaults: mine, Sandra’s (my OBM), the family vault, and 2 “revolving vaults” that I occasionally assign to service provider’s who need a password for something. (Having a 1Password account is mandatory on my team!)




SOOooo much easier than logging into WordPress and creating a 301 redirect!

I love using Rebrandly links for my Zoom meetings (go.tarzankay.com/zoom opens to my personal meeting room), calendar shortcuts, sales page shortcuts and more—stuff I link to constantly and can’t be bothered to type in.

I also put keyboard shortcuts on my phone for some of these (like “tkz” for my Zoom link).

For public-facing links, like to an affiliate sales page, for example, I’ll still take the time to do a 301 Redirect. This way I can have a more memorable URL, like tarzankay.com/bschool.


Obvious one, but whenever I get on a browser without AdBlock on I’m like “What the hell is happening here??!” Oh yeah, ads. I forgot about those.

Occasionally I have to disable it to read Forbes or Business Insider, but that’s about it. I donate whenever they remember to ask me, which they did about 3 days after I typed that (is Chrome spying on me??).

Eye Dropper Color Picker for Online Businesses

Eye Dropper Color Picker

I LOVED this Chrome app when I was making my own graphics. I don’t make graphics anymore, but I still use it from time to time.

With Eye Dropper you just roll your mouse over any colour, click it, and Eye Dropper gives you the hex code, the name of the colour, plus the rgb and hsl color codes.

The hex code is the one I need most often, but occasionally the rgb code is required.

Eye Dropper also saves my recently grabbed colors, so my entire brand palette is available at a glance. See above.

I have no idea what “Unlock Plus” does, and I’ve never had a reason to even look at the premium version.

Honey Coupon Codes for Online Businesses


This has nothing to do with business. Unless you count the fact that I sometimes (okay often) shop online when I’m supposed to be working. Honey scans the web for promo codes and tests them for me to make sure I’m not missing out on any discounts.

It doesn’t work everywhere, but almost always works for VistaPrint, and most of the sites where I order vitamins, which is a ton of sites, because I take loads of vitamins!


Full Page Screen Capture

Copywriters, you need this one! I once had someone send me a sales page in 18 screenshots. I was like, “Duuuuude, go get this Chrome extension!” I can screengrab even the massive-est of sales pages and pull it all into one convenient PDF.

I keep a folder of sales page swipes in my Google Drive. This cuts out a lot of extra work when I’m writing a sales page, and helps me come up with hooks. I recently hired a copywriter to templatize a few of these, to make it even faster.


I used Loom to create all the videos you see on this page. I use this tool EVERY DAY! I use Loom for things like:

  • To tell a current client “here’s what I worked on today”
  • To tell a potential client “here’s how we could be working together” without getting on a sales call
  • To answer general inquiries, like if someone has a question about a course I’m promoting
  • To invite potential clients to book a call with me
  • To send personalized messages to new subscribers
  • To create video walkthroughs of a program I’m promoting, like this one I did with The Copy Cure

Everyone loves these Loom videos, and they’re much easier than using Screencast-O-Matic which is a tool I used to use, and pay for!

Videos give your people a chance to see you face-to-face, which is a much deeper connection than just email. This is a great way to close a client that’s on the fence about working with you.



Emoji for Google Chrome

Why-oh-whyyyy can’t I just hit ctrl-⌘-spacebar to type Emojis in a Google doc??? Get your shit together Google! I found this handy Chrome extension that lets me put them in. I’ve used Loom to demonstrate.

About 3 days after writing this post, this extension disappeared from my Chrome bar. I’ve tried a half dozen looking for a reliable substitute. Most of them didn’t have a search bar, so they were immediately disqualified. I settled on Emoji Keyboard – Emojis For Chrome because it had the best functionality. It’s ugly though, and I hate ugly software. If you have a better substitute, please comment below and tell me what you’re using!
Mobile/Responsive Web Design Tester for Online Businesses

Mobile/Responsive Web Design Tester

This tool is handy when doing don’t-call-it-an-audit website reviews. People love these, and they’re even more blown away when I do a quick “let’s see how this looks on mobile” check, right in the review. (Which I do using Loom, obviously).

You can test how your site looks on a variety of phones, both horizontal and vertical. There’s probably a better version of this since it doesn’t have the latest iPhone (so uncool, geez 😎) and also it doesn’t show tablet view.
Credit Card Nicknames for Online Businesses

Credit Card Nicknames for Amazon

This is pure coding magic here. Great if you have multiple credit cards in different currencies, some personal and some business.

You don’t actually have to click the extension when you checkout in Amazon, it happens automagically. That means you only have to set this up once, then you can hide it from your Chrome bar and never look at it again.

(Until it malfunctions and you’re back in “where’s my actual credit card” hell—which, btw, would never happen again if you had 1Password.)
Hola VPN for Online Businesses

Hola VPN Premium

This is my new favourite tool! I feel like such a GDPR star because I can browse from Britain and see what sites are GDPR-compliant and which are pretending like that whole thing never happened, which, surprisingly, is a lot of websites!

My Hola VPN Chrome Extension helps me get ideas for opt-in strategies for EU browsers, and how my clients are getting people to opt into their newsletter after delivering a freebie.

Side note: it’s interesting how many businesses are wild about getting GDPR-compliant, but they’re doing nothing to be CASL-compliant.

On my new website, I’ve opted to go full GDPR-compliant for EVERYONE who opts into my list, no matter where they come from. This may change if we see a lot of people grabbing my free stuff without hop.

This is the only Chrome extension I pay for. (Other than 1Password, but the Chrome extension is just one feature of that app.)


My friend Sarah Grear is a OneTab evangelist and I downloaded this because I want to be like her. I’m not a card-carrying member of the Church of OneTab, but I definitely like that it can save my session at the end of the day, especially if I’m “20 tabs deep” (Sarah’s words) and I want to open all the same tabs tomorrow morning.

Though actually I usually use the Chrome-History-Restore Tabs menu function to do this. But I couldn’t NOT mention this extension since I have a suspicion I just haven’t figured out how to properly use it yet. I’m a bit of a “tab minimalist” so maybe it’s just not for me.

Momentum for Online Businesses

BONUS: Momentum

My OBM Sandra told me to download this when I was doing a lot of sales calls and I wanted to be able to grab links quickly (see top left in image). It has all kinds of cool features that I don’t use. I kept it because it changes up the image every day, and saves me the trouble of changing my Chrome theme all the time.

Your turn to educate me. Which Chrome apps and extensions are *you* using that you just couldn’t live without?

Put your answer in the comments.

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